Profitable innovations are made by managers who have a very good knowledge of the field and who have a high level of ambiversion (innovation). Very good knowledge of the field is based on long-term experience, high ambiversion is based on an unusual personality. As personality is not significantly changeable or compensable, ambiversion should be valued and properly assesed  when recruiting top managers and succession.

Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania, says recruiting talented people is a major concern for CEO-s. Therefore, the most valid and cost-effective recruitment method possible is of great value.

The ambi recruitment method helps the company to recruit extraordinary top managers by guiding the company to determine the right and accurate evaluation criteria for top managers and succession based on science and the company’s strategy, to look for candidates from the right sources and to evaluate candidates accuratley.

I help companies develop a valid and cost-effective system for recruiting top managers, and in more complex cases, I also help to search and evaluate candidates.