An innovative team combines different understandings of people with different competencies and backgrounds, brings all team members “on one page”, focuses on finding and resolving the root cause of disagreements, encourages different thinking and non-compliance when generating ideas, but ensures compliance with the rules and control over the implementation of ideas and makes a conscious effort to make high-quality common decisions (including mutual observation and feedback).

Innovative teams are rare, as teams usually do not know how to cope with people’s different understandings and competition with each other.

A science-based teamwork development helps top managers grow into an innovative team by directing team members to stop competing with each other, linking self-interest to maximizing mutual benefits, prioritizing mutual trust and support, integrating very different understandings, and making profitable innovation decisions.

A science-based method of teamwork development:
1) takes into account exactly the needs of the company and the specifics of the operating environment;
2) is based on the best scientific evidence;
3) is based on long-term experience in advising top managers.