About Me

Photo: Liis Treimann

I founded in 1994 together with Aivar Pohlak Pro Consultations with the aim of offering the best comprehensive personnel and organizational development service. The company grew strongly and in 1997 we had nine people in.

Focusing on regular customers increased the need to go deep, and so strategic consulting became a priority. Specializing in strategy led me in 1998 recognizing that it is more appropriate to move forward alone and, if necessary, involve external experts. In strategic advice, the emphasis on innovation increased and recruitment was sidelined for some time. However, in 2006 I started assisting clients again in recruiting to help reduce the risk of making wrong choices in foreign markets and then already in the domestic market. As it has been a serious challenge for top managers to have mutual trust and support and to make high-quality joint decisions, I have occasionally helped top managers to develop teamwork.

So, my three main services are: the development of an innovation strategy, the recruitment of top managers and their succession, and the development of teamwork.

I have advised over a hundred companies in 27 years: AB & Studio, ABB Baltics, ABB Madalpingesüsteemid, ABB Service, Abc Supermarkets, Abe Rahvusvaheline, Air Logistics Group, Air Maintenance Estonia, Akzo Nobel Baltics, Akzo Nobel Moskva, Alise Technic, Allando Trailways, Amerpap, Amserv Grupp, Andmevara, Apex Racing, ASA Kindlustus, Baltazar Traiding, Balti Veski, Baltic Computer Systems, Baltika, Baltplast, BDO Eesti, Cargo Handling, CHS Eesti, Coca Cola Plaza, Datel, Dunkri Kaubandus, E-Betoonelement, EBS, Eesti Ehitus, Eesti Energia, Eesti Energia Jaotusvõrk, Eesti Energia Põhivõrk, Eesti Mobiiltelefon, Eesti Post, Eesti Raudtee, Eesti Telefon, Eesti Ühispank, EK, Ekseko, Ekspress Grupp, Elion, Esmofon, ESS, Estanc, Estiko Plastar, Favor, Fazer, Feer, FKSM, Goldman, Hansapank, Helmes, Hiieko, Hoiupank, Infobuild, Infovara, K-Kate, Kalev, Kalev Spa, Kinex, Koger & Sumberg, Koger & Partnerid, Kristiine Kasiino, Kristiine Keskus, Kroonpress, Leks Kindlustus, Lehtimaja Eesti, Levicom, Magnum Medical, Markit Holding, Markova, Merita Pank, Microlink, Microsoft Eesti, Novartis, Optiva Pank, Oskando, Ots ja Partnerid, Pajo, PepsiCo, Philips, Pohjala Kindlustus, Postimees Grupp, Prike, Prisma Print, Pro Kapital, Proekspert, Puidukoda, Raepank, Rakvere Lihakombinaat, Rautakesko, Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskus, Sadolin, Saku Õlletehas, Seesam Kindlustus, Smarten, Statoil, Sweco Project, Swedbank, Talinvest, Tallegg, Tallinna Farmaatsiatehas, Tallinna Ettevõtlusinkubaatorid, Tallinna Kaubamaja, Tallinna Kauplus, Tallinna Lennujaam, Tallinna Pank, Tallinna Soojus, Tallinna Vesi, Tammer, Tere, Timo Houses, Viking Window, Vipex, Viru Keemia Grupp, Viru Liimid, Viru Vesi, VKG Energia, VKG Oil, VKG Soojus, Värvikeskuste Grupp, Äripäev ja Ühisliising.

I have also advised about fifty public service organizations such as ministries, national supervisory authorities, government agencies and foundations, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

Both before and during the Pro Consultations, my heart belonged to science. I was already involved in science as a student of psychology at the University of Tartu (1988-1992) and defended my master’s degree in psychology at Tallinn University (1993). I have been a lecturer and researcher in psychology at Tallinn University (1989-1994; 2000-2006), University of Tartu (1993-1995), EBS (1993-1995) and lecturer and researcher in strategic management at EBS ( 2003-2008). I have improved my skills in competency management at Hay Group (2003), innovation management at MIT (2004) and scenario planning at Oxford University (2006).

I am a member of the Strategic Management Society (SMS), an associate member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and a member of the Union of Estonian Psychologists (EPL).

At the beginning of the Pro Consultations (1994-1997), psychologist Mati Talvik and I adapted the world-leading personality questionnaire of Hans Jürgen Eysenck to the Estonian population in order to use it in scientic reasearch and personnel selection.

2002-2006 I completed my doctoral studies at Tallinn University in researching the innovation of top managers. Since then, I have been interested in exploring and discovering the reasons why some companies and their managers are extraordinarly successful in order to truly explain, predict and promote it. Because extraordnary managers are distinguished by the ability to continually innovate profitably, I am interested in explaining why and how they can do this in order to invent the best methods of innovation.

Many thanks to customers for their trust and good cooperation in solving complex issues!


I believe that professionalism and goodness are becoming more and more important, because without these two, mankind will not be able to cope successfully in an increasingly complex world. Technological developments increase the opportunity and need for greater transparency, leaving proof on everyone’s actions. Awareness of this increases everyone’s responsibility for their actions and their desire to be more professional and better. Exceptional leaders are leading the way.

Mait Raava, M. Sc.
(+371) 50 68921